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Founded in 2012, COOC Furniture is headquartered in Foshan

Founded in 2012, COOC Furniture is headquartered in Foshan, China and adheres to the brand philosophy of "design for the young." COOC Furniture has five series of products including COOC Fabric Sofas, COOC Leather Sofas, COOC Soft Beds, COOC Simplified and Louise Lan, and is a large-scale furniture enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales.

The headquarters base is a combination of a marketing center, a brand operation center, a product research and development center, and a trendy product display center, and the products sell well in domestic and foreign markets.

In the future, COOC Furniture will continue to take design-driven, fashion-leading and continuous innovation as the strategic direction for the development of the enterprise brand and aim to build a 100-year enterprise vision and a billion-yuan enterprise goal to achieve the national brand and make Chinese furniture stand tall in the world.

COOC Furniture started a 100,000-square-meter industrial park in 2019 that combines offices, production, and research and development into one. The upgrade of the assembly line with a TPS standardized production model and the application of 5S standardized management marks the historical milestone of COOC Furniture's transition from traditional production mode to lean production.


The lean production assembly line and semi-automatic production mode, coupled with the most advanced production manufacturing guarantee capacity, expanded the COOC Furniture production base to 250,000 square meters in 2020. The modern and international standard, garden-style industrial park has a set of efficient and high-quality systems, achieving both capacity and output.

COOC Furniture people are driven by the spirit of simplicity, focus, and hard work. They not only provide a high-quality production environment but also show their meticulous care in every detail of their employees' lives.


The entertainment facilities, dining environment, and rest areas are full of humanistic care, allowing every COOC Furniture employee to feel the warmth of a big family..


37 years of trials and hardships, 37 years of hard work, Huahui Furniture has become more mature and robust. Huahui Furniture has the patience, confidence and determination to work with many brothers in the industry to help the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry and open up a new situation!

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