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POESY is a high-end furniture brand founded in 2013, that is a home enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, and sales. POESY's headquarters is located in Longjiang, Shunde, Guangdong, which is known as the "first town of furniture manufacturing in China". It has an independent 6,000 square meter showroom that offers a variety of styles such as "minimalism, simplicity, customization, and ultimate functionality". The company has five production factories with advanced production lines imported from abroad. Two series defined by the design concepts of "Italian minimalism" and "Italian light luxury" have been developed for POESY, always adhering to the philosophy of “designing from life and higher than life”.

As an international brand, POESY has accumulated market insights through more than a decade in the home goods market and has integrated resources from global home goods products, bringing a profound understanding of home design and defining a new home mode with "integral home, whole-house customization." Growing around the core furniture offerings, POESY provides a lifestyle experience powered by design. The brand is committed to providing high-quality furniture products for every family. They hope to work together with every one of their clients, who share a love for life, to make life better through design and innovation. POESY's products are diverse and complete, covering all various categories demanded by the market. It is a full-case design and one-stop home service provider that includes 16 major style brands and 5000+ SKUs of product matrices. The brand encompasses a full range of home furnishing styles from around the world, and has formed a complete one-stop closed-loop marketing system that includes active furniture, custom furniture, fixed-fit accessories, soft furnishings, and more.

Additionally, the brand harnesses new media platforms to attract customers, creating multiple public IPs with millions of followers on social media. POESY has made it easy for customers to purchase furniture by simply scanning a QR code, and it has opened up new marketing channels, resulting in precise traffic acquisition and customer visits. Since its establishment, POESY has firmly adhered to its unique original design route, relying on advanced craftsmanship, fashionable design, excellent quality, and professional service to earn the trust and loyalty of vast consumers. Each product design is repeatedly polished, with multiple modifications made before the final production is created, emphasizing the importance of combining both attractiveness and practicality.

Moreover, POESY brand has received numerous national-level authoritative certifications for its excellent product designs, becoming a national-level original patent protection product. These certified products have proved POESY's core competitive advantage in the field of furniture original creation. The brand firmly believes in creating excellent products and faithfully serving every customer.

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