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China Gerbrsi was founded in 2008, with a standard modern factory located in Longjiang, Shunde. It is a furniture manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, sales, and service.

The company has nine major product series, with a rich variety of categories to meet diverse consumer needs. Its market recognition has been continuously climbing, and sales have hit record highs year after year.

As the company has developed rapidly, it now has five "smart" production bases and a headquarters marketing building! Equipped with modern standard factories, it has introduced TPS automatic flow production system to achieve high-quality and efficient output.

The headquarters has a specially appointed German chief designer leading R&D, with strong technical strength and independent innovation capabilities. It has successively won over a hundred original patents and heavyweight honors and qualifications, including being the drafting unit for national standards of folding sofas, registered brands for expert genuine leather sofas, the leading brand of national intelligent home furnishings.


a high-quality brand for Chinese functional sofas, one of the top ten famous brands of Chinese furniture, a consumer favorite brand with quality assurance, a national quality test stable qualified product, and a product with guaranteed quality reputation for national consumers.

Brand Story Gerbrsi was founded in 1927, originating from the craftsman city of Dusseldorf in Germany. After nearly a century of inheritance and development, Gerbrsi's business map has continued to expand and it has become an internationally renowned brand.


In 2008, Gerbrsi launched the "Global Hundred Years of Gerbrsi" market strategy. China Gerbrsi established a standard modern factory for production, research, and sales in Longjiang, Shunde, and German chief designer Conrad Andersen led the Gerbrsi R&D team to collaborate and develop the products by integrating Chinese and Western cultures, combining intelligent technology with comfortable experiences, focusing on users, continuously improving product functions, and enhancing the product experience by creating fashionable, comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly multi-functional home products. After years of hard work, the Gerbrsi functional sofa has gained the favor of many families, its sales have hit record highs year after year, and its domestic market recognition has continued to climb. The products are exported to Europe and America, and are distributed throughout Asia, truly realizing German quality and European and American standards.


37 years of trials and hardships, 37 years of hard work, Huahui Furniture has become more mature and robust. Huahui Furniture has the patience, confidence and determination to work with many brothers in the industry to help the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry and open up a new situation!

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