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BASHA HOME is headquartered in Dongguan, China, a manufacturing base in the Greater Bay Area, with production bases of upholstered furniture, marble and hardware. After 16 years of development, the number of shops has exceeded 120, covering high-end home furnishing stores in first, second and third-tier cities. Its four series of products - Classic Heritage, Art Master, Urban Impression and B&N Pioneer Art – all deliver an Italian lifestyle.


It’s efficient design, development and manufacturing delivery capability is the foundation of the brand's development, the complete matrix of 4 series of products has become BASHA's distinctive modern light luxury gene, hundreds of shops are the guarantee of customer experience, and we are also continuously producing BASHA's content through our self media matrix to provide effective suggestions for consumers' home decoration choices. We hope that this exhibition can establish new cooperation for dealers who want to improve their product structure and for those in some blank markets.


Founded in 2004, the brand BASHA HOME released the Classic Heritage series in 2009, the Artistic Master series in 2014, signed Italian marble partners in 2016; 3D CNC carving technology innovation in metal technology in 2017, and set up a product development committee; released the Urban Impressions series in 2019, and signed the famous Italian designer Enrico Taranta as the ambassador of design inspiration in the same year.


Enrico Taranta, as the ambassador of Bassia design inspiration. In 2020, we set up the Italian design material laboratory in Rome, introducing 12,000W laser intelligent equipment, the most time-consuming marble water-jet applique process, etc., to continue to explore the application of marble and metal and other materials in the home. In 2021 October, B&N pioneer art series new product release, In 2021 December, it was awarded the Rui Li Home Pioneer Design Brand of the Year Award.

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