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Carl Home was introduced to the domestic market in 2009 by four young people with dreams from France. They are:

Liang Zhixin, chairman of Carl, with 20 years of experience in home design;

Zhou Zhibang, general manager of Carl, with 20 years of experience in home sales;

Ding Penghui, executive president of Carl, with 20 years of experience in home operations;

Ling Zhaoguang, production general manager of Carl, with 20 years of experience in home manufacturing.

Brand Introduction

Twenty years ago, the Chinese home furnishings market was stagnant. Homogeneous furniture designs dominated the market, with a very traditional appearance, materials, and forms. At that time, Chairman Liang and his three partners jointly operated one of China's top ten fabric sofa brands, with stores across the country.

When the brand was established, they followed the trend of globalized fabric design from Frankfurt, Germany, and launched products that instantly captured the market share of modern fabric sofas, becoming a leader in fabric sofa design. For a long time, no other domestic products could match their quality or style.

In the spring of 2009, Chairman Liang, who was studying in France, felt a new home furnishings trend was emerging. He invited Zhou, who was then the sales director, along with Ding, the design director, and Ling, the factory manager, to come to France for discussion. On May 8th of that same year, they jointly founded "Foshan Shunde Jiemeng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd." with the meaning of gathering excellence and shaping the future. They started a new journey by introducing the high-end fabric sofa brand Carl from France, and officially renamed the company "Foshan Carl Home Manufacturing Co., Ltd." in 2019.

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Carl Brand Meaning
1.Carl's Minimalism
2.Carl Home is the sub-brand of Carl Home Furnishing, with a blue background and golden letters in their logo giving off a sense of high-end luxury. Minimalism and luxury are two of the brand's core values. Italian design is world-renowned for its ceramics. In the era of "goods are not necessarily good," blindly following trends can lead to negative outcomes. Carl stands out with its "French minimalism" amid numerous Italian design brands. The beauty of French art lies in its expression of romanticism. The subjective consciousness, preference for feeling and experiencing, and flowy texture of romanticism are particularly suitable for expressing fabric and soft furnishings. Coupling high-end fabrics with smooth forms is Carl's minimalist style..

3.The French Car 4.lThe golden design in the logo is an abstract painting composed of two Cs. The abbreviation of Carl Casa, the brand of Carl in France, is also two Cs. The simplified artistic expression makes the brand logo naturally fit.

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4. Squinting at the logo, it also looks like an abstract bee, symbolizing the industrious and intelligent French totem. Bees are just as sacred and inviolable in the hearts of the French as the Chinese view the five-clawed golden dragon. The spirit of French craftsmanship in Carl begins with the industrious and intelligent bee.
5.Carl Casa
6.The English name of Carl is "Carl Casa," which means home in German and Portuguese, house in Italian and Spanish, and residence in English. In all major languages except for Chinese, "Carl Casa" conveys the same meaning. It has the same connotation as the word "mama" for mother recognized worldwide. Carl Casa signifies that the brand is an expert in life with everything you need, like a house..

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