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Tianxipai is a light fashion brand under the KUKA Home Furnishings.

It was born around user needs, inherits the original design of KUKA Home Furnishings, advocates a relaxed and comfortable philosophy of life, and creates a light and fashionable home furnishing space for the masses pursuing quality living.

Tianxipai provides high value-for-money whole-house spatial products with a light and fashionable style for the masses. Its product style is mainly modern and simple, combined with popular elements to create a product matrix with Tianxipai's unique features. The product categories cover living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, mattresses, single chairs, massage chairs, clothes dryers, and other small household products. Existing product materials include ecologically friendly leather, cloth, and semi-leather three major series.

Eco-friendly leather: The focus is on the development of the "new ecology" series, which aims to create the industry's "third fabric".

Cloth: Mainstream technological fabrics are the core differentiation and competitive advantage.

Semi-leather: Inherited from KUKA's classic design, increasing the overall quality and value of the product.

Tianxipai creates a natural, environmentally friendly, and comfortable home living environment by developing a series of ecological leather fabrics that are environmentally friendly, durable, and technological. The New Ecology series of products from Tianxipai has antibacterial and mildew-resistant properties, is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, is skin-friendly and breathable, and is easy to clean, which promotes health and eco-friendliness.

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